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A Hidden Fortress

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Mystery Booster Pack - Convention Edition (2021 Version)

Mystery Booster Pack - Convention Edition (2021 Version)

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  • Description

    The 2021 re-release of the convention version of the Mystery Booster.

    Changes from the previous version:

    1. Two of the R&D Playtest cards feature new artwork: Soulmates & Yawgmoth's Testament.

    2. The following cards have been removed: Anger of the Gods Approach of the Second Sun
    Desert Twister
    Dictate of Heliod
    Essence Warden
    Fade into Antiquity
    Forgotten Cave
    Giant Growth
    Kird Ape
    Moonglove Extract
    Mother of Runes
    Nature's Lore
    New Horizons
    Nyx-Fleece Ram
    Pollenbright Wings
    Rage Reflection
    Rhystic Study
    Seal of Cleansing
    Seal of Strength
    Stalking Tiger
    Swords to Plowshares